As an independent grower membership organisation, Market Check offers advocacy and industry representation for our clients. The team regularly presents at industry events and offers commentary within the media on relevant topics that affect the grains industry and its growers. Market Check puts grower interests first when offering commentary and distributing content throughout the grains industry, and wider agricultural sector.

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Market Check are a proud sponsor of this year's @InnovGeneration conference on the 18-20 July 2022 in Sydney with @richperkins33 speaking on a Trade Tensions & Solutions panel. For more details and to register visit: #IG22 #grainmarketing #wheat #trade

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US Wheat Price Fall Not Being Matched in Australia

Founder, Brett Stevenson, discusses the current wheat price situation with Michael Condon of ABC Rural. The interview touches on a complex multitudeĀ of factors that is keeping a premium on Australian prices, including the effect of low US prices and a weak AUD that is cushioning domestic pricing. Brett also discusses the effects of theĀ El Nino […] READ MORE

Vast Variation between Pool Operators

Gregor Heard The Land [email protected] Final 2013 pool returns of different managers vary as much as $40 per tonne, according to recently published Profarmer benchmarking analysis. Comparison of pool performance gives growers the opportunity to evaluate different providers on their track record rather than on their promises. The spectrum of results in NSW showed considerable […] READ MORE

Call options: a smarter alternative to storing grain

Control over pricing of grain has been an issue grain growers have grappled with since deregulation. Many have tried to gain some level of control by holding grain and deciding post-harvest when to sell and who to sell to. But holding and storing grain can be costly, risky and also not the only way to […] READ MORE

Managing credit risk – another challenge for grain producers

Grain farmers are well aware of risks involved in growing a crop but can be new to the arena of risk from credit or payment – a risk evident in all other industries and markets, write Tom Basnett of Agrisk. Click on the attachment below for the full story. FAH_1412_AU_010_LR READ MORE

Putting options on the table

Tom Basnett of Market Check discusses the advantages of using options to manage risk. While many growers have had a great start to the season and are keen to protect new crop prices, the first important point is to avoid the risky temptation to over- commit grain to forward contracts. Crops may not yield as […] READ MORE

Keeping up with the Jonesā€™s

Farming Ahead Article April 2014 By Brett Stevenson How do your farm profits compare with others?Ā  Are you suffering from profit envy?Ā  Perhaps itā€™s time to take a look at how your business performance compares with that of other farmersā€™ so that you can see in which areas you could be earning more, spending less […] READ MORE

Grain Growers learn about market options

Around 20 farmers gathered last Wednesday for a Market Check seminar about selling grain at the USMC. Market Check general manager, Tom Basnett said these seminars are a great opportunity for local growers to talk about marketing. The small setting allowed the farmers to ask personal questions. “We try to do each seminar like this,” […] READ MORE