Empowering Australian Growers


Market Check has cemented itself as a market leader in highly effective, year-round grain marketing and price risk management strategies for growers via a team of experts. Our grower clients can gain peace of mind through knowing our transparent and disciplined approach, combined with continued investment in our operations, systems and people, ensures we help them achieve and secure consistently excellent returns.

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Our philosophy

"We are dedicated to working exclusively for growers and will only recommend grain marketing strategies that add real value to our clients businesses."
Richard Perkins and Tom Basnett, General Managers Market Check

On the back of 25 years of experience and a commitment to research and analysis, Market Check has developed an innovative grain marketing philosophy which is the foundation behind our approach to marketing each season. It empowers Australian grain growers with the necessary tools, market insights and solutions to their grain marketing requirements and risk management plans. This is achieved through a holistic approach and a commitment to;

  • Extensive research and analysis conducted year round to develop actionable grain marketing strategies.
  • Comprehensive ‘stress’ testing of strategies, conducted continuously, to identify critical control events, actions and opportunities.
  • Dynamic and nimble strategies that are reviewed and improved based on real-time market events, while being able to extract maximum value for clients.
  • Trusted team of grain marketing and financial experts with experience in various areas of the Australian grains industry, assessing, testing and refining the strategies.
  • A commitment to continuous improvement in strategy development and implementation adding real value to clients businesses.

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