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The Strategic Program remains our flagship program and gives participants access to a balanced strategy which is aligned with our underlying strategic guidance utilising a combination of cash sales and post- harvest hedging. The Strategic Basis Program allows growers to balance their own cash selling with a pure long basis element as this program implements a hedged post-harvest strategy. The Strategic Cash Program allows growers to manage their own hedging strategies whilst spreading cash sales out within this unhedged actively-managed managed program.

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Australia's export program is running at an incredible pace. One way to illustrate this is from Jan 2021 to Feb 2022, on average, 126kt of grain has left our shores...everyday of the week (5kt/hour🤠). Jan-19 to Feb-20 was only ~35% of the current pace. #oatt

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A proven strategy

"Post Harvest hedging has proven to be the best performing strategy on average since 2008, we give Australian growers access to this strategy through our Strategic Program."
Tom Basnett General Manager for Operations, Markets and Finance, Market Check

Strategic Program historical performance

Post-harvest strategy executed through the Strategic Program for VIC (average across MEL, GEE & PTL) Net Present Value (NPV) is net of all costs, fees and interest to compare ‘apples with apples’

Strategic Program historical performanceStrategic Program historical performanceStrategic Program historical performance