As an independent grower membership organisation, Market Check offers advocacy and industry representation for our clients. The team regularly presents at industry events and offers commentary within the media on relevant topics that affect the grains industry and its growers. Market Check puts grower interests first when offering commentary and distributing content throughout the grains industry, and wider agricultural sector.

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China’s Wheat Demand To Surge in 2020

China Wheat Policies In 2001, China implemented a policy to allow the importation of a set volume of wheat each year as part of its accession into the WTO. These Tariff Rate Quotas, or TRQs, have reached an annual volume of 9.6mmt in a bid to open China up to the wold wheat market. In […] READ MORE

Australia’s December wheat exports jump 68pc to 925,290t

“Wheat exports were strong in December relative to our overall exportable surplus, continuing the trend of our export pace running at an unsustainably fast rate,” Market Check head of strategy Nick Crundall said. “Indonesia came in as the main buyer with its biggest monthly total since December 2018. Read more here. READ MORE

Australia exports 559,106 tonnes of wheat in Nov

November wheat-export data illustrated that our exports weren’t flying out the door, but considering November exports were predominately backed by old-crop volumes, it’s understandable that overall figures were fairly low, explains Nick Crundall, Head of Strategy at Market Check in this article published by Grain Central..Read More.   READ MORE

Where has the demand gone?

The elasticity of our inelastic demand Tough Season 2019 offered up one of the most challenging production environments we’ve seen in a long time. However, the grain markets were equally as tough, with high market volatility throughout the season. This caused some financial heartache amongst the export/trading community, meaning 2019 will be a year to […] READ MORE

The Future of the Grain Industry

The Road is Rarely Straight Industry Leaders & Losers The Australian grains industry has gone through significant change since I started my career in 2005 and I’ve witnessed much of this change first hand through the lens of various supply chain participants. Australian growers have experienced big swings in market participants, demand dynamics, prices, weather […] READ MORE

China holds the key to barley market

The barley market was at a delicate juncture, with prices currently competitive into export markets but with few export buyers looking to accumulate serious parcels of grain as yet explained Nick Crundall, Market Check Head of Strategy in this article published by Stock Journal...Read More READ MORE

Recognition for a WA tillage trail blazer

Jackie’s approach to building the skill sets and supporting rural and regionally-based small business owners and entrepreneurs is outstanding, explains Brett Stevenson, Market Check Founder and Managing Director in this article published by Farm more READ MORE

People on the move in the grains and cropping sector

Our presence in WA will be vastly different to 2002, explains Brett Stevenson, Market check founder and managing director, in this article published on Grain More

Yemen Australia’s biggest July bulk wheat buyer: ABS

ABS July wheat export data came in as expected, explains Nick Crundall, Market Check head of strategy, in this article published on Grain more

Market Check Return to WA with Experience

History in WA Back in 1995 Brett Stevenson exited the financial markets after 12 years, with the view of bringing the skills he had learnt to the agricultural industry. The Wool Reserve Price Scheme was disbanded in 1991 and the domestic grain market deregulated in 1989. The debate about deregulating the National Single Desk was […] READ MORE