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  • Coveted Grain Marketing strategies
  • Network with Australia’s top growers
  • Access to MyMarketCheck
  • Exclusive Market Commentary

Market Check’s Membership gives you access to our exclusive price risk management strategies, market moving commentary and grain marketing tools. Our coveted grain marketing strategies have proven themselves for over 23 years in the Australian grains industry and are revised and updated regularly, derived from extensive research and shared amongst a network of Australia’s top growers. Be your own grain marketing adviser or execute the strategy through Market Check’s Agency or Managed Programs with access to our global research platform and exclusive content via MyMarketCheck. Market Check is Australia’s largest independent Australian-owned grain marketing organisation with a team of some of the industries greatest minds.

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Market Check Strategy


The cornerstone of Market Check’s Membership is our internally developed expert strategy which can be viewed online through exclusive access to MyMarketCheck. Our strategy keeps our Membership clients ahead of the curve and allows them to take advantage of favourable marketing conditions and better price risk management. Our grain marketing philosophy and strategies have been proven over the last 23 years and added real value to our client’s businesses.

Market Check Dashboard

Exclusive Members Seminars

We hold two annual regional seminar series during the post-sowing and pre-harvest periods. Learn how to incorporate the best performing marketing strategies into your farming in an interactive and entertaining forum. Network with Australia’s top growers.

Market Check Comment Videos

MyMarket Check

Full access to MyMarketCheck, an exclusive members only online portal used to view grain marketing content and manage your grain marketing portfolio. MyMarketCheck allows quick access to our strategy updates, Global Research Platform, regularly published Market sensitive news, charts and videos. The portal also allows Member clients to manage their portfolio of grain via myPrice, mySales and myPools – for more information on these functions please find short videos on each further below. MyMarketCheck is all your online grain marketing needs in one easy to use location to help growers manage their marketing risk efficiently and maximise returns for grain.


Market Check Seminar

Market Comment Video

Founder Brett Stevenson’s weekly video provides meaningful insight into market conditions, industry developments and recent strategy releases in an easy-to-understand (…and sometimes entertaining!) format. This video is emailed to you each week and is also available via our Members’ Online Dashboard.

Market Check Alerts

Market Alerts

We will advise you on the latest market news sensitive to your region via “Market Alerts”, so you don’t miss opportunities when they arise. Our SMS and Email alert system ensures your finger is on the pulse of the markets while you’re working on your farm.

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