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Tom Basnett

General Manager - Markets, Finance & Operations

Tom Basnett is one of Australia’s foremost grain marketing analysts and advisors and has been a key player at Market Check since 2004, and integral to the company’s growth.

Tom’s expert strategy development in grain marketing and price risk management has helped build Market Check’s reputation as the pre-eminent independent, grain marketing firm in Australia.

For over 12 years, Tom has given hands-on counsel and advice to Market Check clients, both family farms and corporates, to help them gain maximum value for their grain. Tom also plays a key role in the successful operation of our grain pools.

In his role as General Manager, Tom has leveraged technology and systems to create innovative solutions that meet client’s needs for individual analysis, management and reporting of their grain portfolio and risk management positions.

Tom grew up on the family sheep property near Gunning on the Southern Tablelands in NSW. After graduating from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Agricultural Economics in 2001, Tom gained his PS146 accreditation through AFMA, allowing him to provide financial product and derivatives advice under a Financial Services Licence. He also gained GTA (previously NACMA) accreditation in Trade Rules, Dispute Resolution and Grain Standards.

Before he joined Market Check, Tom worked with Majuko Australia Pty Ltd where he was responsible for the company’s export execution into SE Asia.

“Professional, year-round grain marketing support sees our clients earn consistently strong returns… and also enjoy greater certainty in unpredictable markets.” Tom says.

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