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Michelle Morrow

Pool Administration & Logistics

After a four-year break from the agricultural industry, Michelle has returned to the workplace with a reignited passion for both harvest and numbers.

She has extensive experience, having been the National Grain Administrator for Weston Milling for more than a decade.

Michelle’s passion for her job and the industry is not only expressed in the quality of the technical side of her work, but also in the extensive rapport that she has built with growers, storage providers and freight companies. These relationships also serve as a great backlog of information to further aid her clients and their business.

“Agricultural Financial Planning isn’t just about the numbers on the paper. Knowing the individual and understanding their needs is just as crucial, if not more so. At market Check we recognise the individuality of our clients and their varying requests and requirements. At Market Check we let our drive be determined by our passion for people and our passion for harvest.”


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And lastly, lets look at where it came from. WA market share fell, with SA/EC picking up the slack. Barley exports from here on in will be pretty scarce as stocks tighten + inverse to new crop pic.twitter.com/Oqifir2tu2

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