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Jo Stevenson

Financial Controller & Administrations Manager

Jo Stevenson is co-owner of AgRisk Management with her husband, Brett, and takes special responsibility for all financial and administration functions within the business.

Before she and Brett met up and joined forces, Jo acquired a range of qualifications and gained significant experience in both the commercial sector and also in early childhood education;  an area in which she did her early professional training (Diploma of Teaching at UTS).

She must have know something about the demands to be placed on her in the future, because while she worked on her teaching diploma, she also studied business administration.

Along the way, Jo Stevenson gained significant experience in commercial sales and marketing as well as commercial administration, both in Australia (from 1985 to 1990 with commercial office furniture and interior design company, Arthur Stutchbury) and in the UK (in 1987, with Facility Group).  She also spent a year, in 1984, as a pre-school teacher.

Jo has managed the financial and office administration of AgRisk Management since its inception, in 1994.

In our experience, making sure the financial and accounting systems and processes are in place and on track plays a major role in developing strong and effective relationships with our clients.

We tend to run our accounts section a bit like the people who work backstage in a theatre: beavering away behind the scenes, making sure the business runs smoothly and enabling our stars to perform to their best for and on-behalf of our highly valued clients.

Clients, too, seem to value our friendly efficiency and feel we provide an added level and layer of risk management and, therefore, security.

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