Ben Gliddon - Market Check Team

Ben Gliddon

Head of WA Grain Advisory

Ben, who grew up in Bunbury, WA and studied Agricultural Science and Commerce at the University of WA has over nine years’ experience in domestic and international grain markets. Following two years in a variety of roles at Plumgrove, including market analysis, grower accumulation and pool management, he then moved to Singapore to work for the Interflour Group. For seven years Ben worked in different areas including physical procurement, proprietary trading, risk management, supply chain management and market research at the South East Asian Flour Milling Company, which is 50% owned by CBH. Ben recently moved back to Perth to open up Market Check’s first WA based office and believes that with his nine years of experience in grain markets, combined with Market Check’s innovative approach to grain marketing, he can add considerable value to WA grower’s business.

“We are already seeing some significant changes in the way Asian consumers purchase their grain products and as this intensifies, it will put extra pressure on the Australian supply chain to remain competitive. I believe that through a year-round, actively managed marketing approach which focuses on the relative value of WA wheat in the global marketplace, sustainable value can be added to farming businesses.”

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