Market Check - Grain Growers learn about market options

Grain Growers learn about market options

Around 20 farmers gathered last Wednesday for a Market Check seminar about selling grain at the USMC.

Market Check general manager, Tom Basnett said these seminars are a great opportunity for local growers to talk about marketing.

The small setting allowed the farmers to ask personal questions.

“We try to do each seminar like this,” he said.

“Interaction and questions are great, no one wants to sit there and listen to us talk all the time.”

The company offers options to farmers wanting to sell their grain.

“Today is workshop on market hedging and options,” he said.

Market Check acts as an agent for growers.

“We’re representatives in the market, trying to get the best possible price and best possible deal for growers,” Mr Basnett said.

The general manager said the seminar was well timed.

“The rain is getting people interested,” he said.

“When it’s dry it’s hard to think about the market.”

Mr Basnett advised farmers to get advice.

“My advice would be to go get advice. There’s a lot of help they could be getting and value to be added,” he said.

“Farmers are professionals at growing and we are professionals at marketing.”

Market Check will be offering more seminars before harvest, check their website

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@TEMarkets As you know from a decision-making view, deciles have limited value in isolation as the range within deciles can be extreme eg drought you sell @ dec10 & miss another $100t. Overlaying with deciles based on relative value paints a clearer pic eg Aus currently ~dec1 basis US futs

About a month ago from Market Check's Twitter via Twitter Web App

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