Grain Agency

Professional edge to grain sales

  • Strategy execution
  • Contract negotiation
  • Market representation
  • Leverage buyer networks

Market Check’s Grain Agency service is a way of executing the cash-based marketing strategies through our professional team of advisors. Our Grain Agency service has been facilitating grain sales on behalf of producers for over 12 years and over this time we have developed significant leverage within the national cash markets. We will earn better returns for your grain while you focus on what you do best, farming.

Our expertise and relationships within all national cash markets mean we achieve consistently strong returns and as a result, have cemented long-term loyalty with our client base. Our intimate knowledge of the domestic market combined with our wholesale market access via the Managed Programs team means we can assess fair value fast and work to try and achieve the best possible price on any given day. Our Tenders have also served as a popular conduit for both growers and buyers in opportunistic markets where the set reserve prices are often beaten, if not matched.


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Market Check Personal Grain Agent

Grain Agent

Market Check has an internal Grain Agent that deals direct with all top tier traders, exporters and end users to negotiate fair value for grain representing and putting the grower’s interests first. Our professional advisors work closely with our Grain Agent to get the best possible price in the market on any given day and help execute our marketing strategy. They provide selling recommendations with the client’s best interests at the forefront of every marketing decision which will be executed by the Grain Agent.

Market Check Express Plus Program

Grain Tenders

Market Check opens Tenders if there is a clear opportunity in the market and leverages its extensive network of buyers to create competition for combined parcels of grain. A reserve price is set through consultation between the grower and advisor and represents the minimum price in which Market Check will sell at. The aim of the Grain Tenders, is to leverage our extensive network of buyers across Australia to achieve the best possible price for our clients’ grain. By setting a minimum reserve price, we create a competitive buying environment as they compete to purchase a parcel. Offering this grain to the whole marketplace allows us to negotiate the best price and contract terms in conjunction with parcels from our programs.

To put grain on a Market Check tender, please use our:

myPrice Offerboard

Tender Form, or

Contact a Market Check Agent.

Market Check Express Plus Program

Access to MyPrice

To assist in marketing your grain into the domestic cash market, growers have access to MyPrice which is an online daily valuation tool. Market Check’s price discovery platform values grain on MyPrice against the best market price, whether it’s a domestic bid or a track bid. Growers can also set prices on the offer board which will be visible to the entire market through our Grain Agent. When the market reaches the offer price, you are alerted and asked if you would like to sell. There are no commitments, it’s simply a tool to value your grain and sell if and when you’re ready.

Access myPrice Offerboard

Market Check Market Reports

Market Reporting

Agency clients get access to Market Check’s weekly report, the ‘Sunday Brunch’ which is widely accepted as one of the most informative and easily digestible grain market reports in Australia. We also offer a daily market snapshot called the ‘Early Bird’ which gives you the heads-up each morning on overnight market moves and what we anticipate local prices to do. The Market Check team also advise the latest market news sensitive to your region via “Market Alerts” so you don’t miss opportunities when they arise. Our SMS and Email alert system ensures your finger is on the pulse of the markets while you’re working on your farm.

Market Check Grain Tenders

Express Plus

  • Access to wholesale domestic markets
  • Arbitrage opportunities to maximise returns
  • Credit insurance and flexible payment terms

The Express Plus Program offers our agency clients access to wholesale domestic markets and flexible payment terms that aren’t offered in the standard retail market. This can be useful if a premium is evident via a trade bid or an arbitrage opportunity exists which the Market Check team can participate in. Express Plus also offers quicker payment terms, deferred payment options and credit insurance covering 90% of the value of the grain.


Market Check Managed Programs

Strategy execution through our Managed Programs

  • Australia’s most consistently performing Managed Programs
  • Independent with all benefits returned to participants
  • Payment security with credit insurance underwritten by Atradius

Market Check’s Managed Programs offer innovative marketing and price risk strategies based on expert market intelligence and our 22-year track record in the grain marketing industry. Market Check provides Australia’s most consistently performing Managed Program based on independent analysis since 2012. Our Managed Programs offer more than performance and guaranteed payment security, we offer peace of mind and flexible payment terms to meet the needs of your individual business. Our mandate is to protect strong prices and extract maximum value from the market for the sole purpose of adding value to clients.

The Strategic Program’s performance on average over the past 4 seasons compared to the NSW, VIC and SA cash track markets net of all management fees, storage and interest. All values compared on a harvest, ‘apples with apples’ basis. See charts for both APW1 and F1.


Find out more about our Managed Programs.

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