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Grain Agency is a centralised grain exchange that gives clients exposure to our network of trusted grain buyers. Market Check has developed significant leverage within the national cash markets over the past 25 years and uses its expertise to help client’s price and sell their grain in line with our strategy.

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We know Nov was wet, but always good to look in a historical context. Data going back to the yr 1900 & some parts of the East Coast cropping belt saw their highest rainfall on record. Among all the negatives, its at least providing some moisture going into 2022 #oatt #harvest21

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Market Check Grain Agent
Grain Agent

An Agent works for the seller only compared to a broker who works for both buyer and seller, in our case we work exclusively for the growers. Ed Nankivell is Market Check’s Head of Agency, please contact him for any more information on +61 2 9499 4199.

Market Check Daily Exchange
Daily Exchange

Market Check is selling physical grain daily for both growers and the Managed programs to our national database of grain buyers. We take pride in customer service, transacting with reputable buyers and taking the steps to minimise growers’ risk in cash markets.

Market Check Tenders

Market Check opens Tenders if there is a clear opportunity in the market and leverages its extensive network of buyers to create competition for combined parcels of grain. A reserve price is set through consultation between the grower and advisor and represents the minimum price in which Market Check will sell at.

Market Check Trade Credit Insurance
Trade Credit Insurance

Market Check offers its clients counter-party insurance and peace of mind with its Express Plus service. Growers can elect to sell to an approved counter-party through Express for an extra $2 per metric tonne which covers the sale for 90% of the value against any default.

Market Check Best Bid Alerts
Best Bid Alerts

Grain offers can be registered on MyPrice which is a price discovery platform on MyMarketcheck that values grain daily against the best market price. The Agency team will alert growers via SMS to strong bids in their local market or if their grain Target price on MyPrice is reached.

Market Check PPSR Registration
PPSR Registration

Membership growers who sell grain through the Agency service have the option to have their Adviser execute PPSR registration on buyers.