Cash & Call Program

The Cash & Call strategy is an attractive propostion when cash prices and basis are relatively stronger at harvest. The program locks in a cash sale on the day of contracting then invests a small % of equity into a portfolio of call options to participate in a combination of futures markets for 6 months post-harvest. The experienced Market Check team add value through activley managing the call options and opposing options in the currency hedge to extract maximum value for participants.

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ABS July #wheat exports came in just shy of 2Mt (2nd highest July on record after 11/12), continuing the red hot 2021 export pace. Container volumes were the highest for the season & a record for July @ 289k. Top destinations: Indo 670k, China 264k & Vietnam 150k. #oatt

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"Selling for cash and investing a small percent of the funds into a portfolio of call options, if managed correctly, is a low risk strategy that can offer significant value post-harvest."
Nick Crundall, Head of Markets and Trading, Market Check