Year-Round Advice Tailored To Your Business

  • Personal advisory service
  • Year round strategic advice
  • Position management
  • Allocated advisor

Market Check specialises in developing and helping execute innovative and tailored marketing strategies for Australian grain producers. As a trusted partner we will provide position management, personal marketing advice and assistance with implementation of grain marketing and risk management strategies. We are proudly independent and therefore completely objective and committed to growers.

Since deregulation, clear trends have emerged illustrating what strategies are the most effective in different types of seasons. Market Check evaluates prevailing market conditions to develop year-round strategies to maximise our grower clients’ returns. Our strategies will include a mixture of pre-harvest hedging and forward sales, cash selling at harvest and carrying hedged and unhedged grain post-harvest. The advice we provide enables the best possible strategy development and execution, giving our grower clients confidence in their grain marketing.


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Local presence…global reach

Market Check has established a strong network within the domestic grains industry over the past 24 years with direct access to all markets.We leverage our people and partners who have an empathy for the land combined with systems to connect with growers across Australia.